Kittens, Coding and Subplots

After an incredible year, winning six global tech awards, partnering with MIT Solve, and overfunding on Kickstarter (thanks to you lovely humans!) we’re finally on our way to fulfilling our dream — giving girls all over the world the confidence to code, and skills to create.

We’ve been brainstorming with some of the most creative software engineers and game companies in London, and now we’re working round-the-clock with games development studio, Playerthree, on the pre-production of our new iPad game.

What’s next?

Since the start of this year, we’ve been working on new gaming mechanics to introduce HTML, CSS and Javascript to young children, and now we’re incorporating the ones we’ve chosen in our overarching storyline and writing quirky subplots to tie everything together.

This part of pre-production — inventing mechanics to teach professional languages to children, took longer than we’d initially planned because we needed to come up with lots of ideas to get the best results.


We’ll need more time for production so we will be giving out all of the other rewards — the PC game, digital story poem, illustrations, Super Coding Cape etc. in April — and early access to the iPad game in November, so that more gameplay content will be available.

What else is up?

We’re holding a free coding workshop and game jam to celebrate British Science Week, on 10th March, and we’d love for you to come! We’ve partnered with Softwire to give children aged 8–13 an introduction to practical coding skills and game design, and one of our developers Irena, will be be giving an inspirational talk on computer science.

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